Hacking Health #DIYAPS Meetup

Hacking Health Artificial Pancreas Meetup in Barcelona, 17.09.2019

You are a PWD or you care for a PWD? You are a doctor, healthcare professional, researcher, tech expert? You are someone with a curious mind? You want to learn about the “Artificial Pancreas” or “Closed Loop Insulin Delivery Systems”? Then come and join us for our second meetup with Hacking Health on #DIYAPS (Do-it-Yourself Artificial Pancreas Systems) taking place in Barcelona.

Our first  AP Meetups in Sabadell/Barcelona (Parc Tauli) and in Berlin (Hacking Health) last year had been fully booked, and many of you asked for more – so here we go! This event is co-organized by Hacking Health, Parc Tauli, The OPEN Project and the Nightscout Foundation.

Speakers from within the #WeAreNotWaiting movement, the team of The OPEN Project and many more will share their experiences with #DIYAPS from various perspectives, i.e. as patient innovators, people with diabetes, caregivers, researchers, and clinicians:

Dana Lewis, Founder of OpenAPS, USA – “The Why, How and What of DIYAPS”
Adrian Tappe, AndroidAPS developer, Austria: “How we developed DIYAPS on Android phones”
Ulrike Thurm, Certified Diabetes Educator, Germany: “Safe, not sorry: What PwD need to know”
Shane O’Donnell, Post-Doctoral Researcher and Sociologist, Ireland: “Introduction to the OPEN Project”
Katarina Braune, Medical Doctor and Researcher, Germany: “DIYAPS in clinic and research”
Roman Hovorka, Professor of Metabolic Technology, UK: “CamAPS FX – Distilling the Cambridge closed loop experience”
Klemens Raile, Head of the Department of Paediatric Endocrinology and Diabetes Charité University Medicine Berlin, Germany: “Do not harm: Medical Ethics – a case study of DIYAPS”
Linzi Knock (UK), Weston Nordgreen (USA), Susana Feans Ponte (Spain), Saskia Wolf (Germany): n=1 stories of DIYAPS users and caregivers from around the world

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Open at “Designit Open Inspiration”

Designit had invited OPEN to its “Designit Open Inspiration” at Spielfeld Digital Hub, an evening about real innovation in the health sector with the topic “What are the keys to Enhancing Humanity?”
The audience was interested in design, healthcare or both, and the talks were correspondingly mixed. One member of the OPEN team, Saskia Wolf, stepped in for the planned talk and informed the curious audience about DIYAPS and the OPEN project.

After the other talks about amazing and inspiring ideas and innovations, all the OPEN team members currently being on secondment in Berlin had the chance to present OPEN with a poster and immediately they were surrounded and had wonderful talks with many interesting and interested people. The evening has broadened the horizon of all guests and they went home with a smile of satisfaction.

Thank you for a wonderful time, Designit Berlin!


OPEN presented two posters at the ADA 2019

The 79th Scientific Session of the American Diabetes Association was held in June 2019 in San Francisco, California, USA. OPEN took part with two posters, one showing lived experiences of people with diabetes who use an Open Source Loop System, the other presenting DIWHY – factors influencing motivation, barriers and duration of DIY APS use among real-world users.
For further information see Dana Lewis` Blog.