The “OPEN” project brings together an international and intersectoral consortium of patient innovators, clinicians, social scientists, computer scientists and patient advocacy organizations to establish an evidence-base surrounding the impact of Do-it-Yourself Artificial Pancreas Systems (DIY APS) on people with diabetes and wider healthcare systems.

Our aims are:

  • To examine clinical outcomes of those using DIY AP systems, such as glucose time in range and metabolic improvements.
  • To examine changes in quality of life of DIY APS users, as well as their lived experiences.
  • To make technological improvements in DIY APS through improving the user experience as well as the predictive capacity of such systems
  • To explore barriers to scale-up, such as socioeconomic, gender, ethnic and age-related inequalities in access to technologies needed for DIY looping, and how they might be resolved.
open overview

The novel feature of this project is the extent of public and patient involvement, whereby those living with diabetes and DIY APS users will help drive all aspects of the project development in conjunction with traditional academic researchers. This is both a novel and necessary approach, as the growth of the DIY APS movement suggests that traditional top-down solutions to chronic condition care may no longer be sufficient to meet the needs of patients and must be complemented by more bottom up or patient-led innovations.

This project is supported by: