Jasmine Schipp

The OPEN team is growing! And you have already heard from Jasmine Schipp if you have followed the news from the ATTD conference in Madrid 2020.

My name is Jasmine, and I am a PhD candidate at the Australian Centre for Behavioural Research in Diabetes (ACBRD), where I have a joint scholarship from Deakin University and the University of Copenhagen. My background is in psychology.

I first heard about looping when I joined the ACBRD, and started reading Renza’s blog. Renza is now one of my PhD supervisors, along with Professor Timothy Skinner, who invited me to join the OPEN Consortium. My supervisory team also includes Dr Henriette Langstrup (UCPH), and Professor Jane Speight and Dr Christel Hendrieckx (ACBRD).

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OPEN at ATTD 2020

Some members of the OPEN team had the chance to attend the 13th International Conference on Advanced Technologies & Treatments for Diabetes (ATTD), which took place in Madrid from 19th until 22nd February.

Over the last decade, remarkable changes in the development and use of new technologies for people with diabetes (PwD) have been achieved. Main topics of this year’s conference were decision support systems, new CGM devices, open- and closed loop systems and automated insulin delivery (AID). OPEN met interesting people, kept up to date about the latest technological developments and experimented with new devices at the technology fair. The ATTD programme was simply overwhelming, so here is a selection of our personal highlights of the conference:

1. #docday°

Due to an increasingly strict regulatory framework, it is becoming more and more difficult for independent patient advocates to attend conferences such as ATTD. For this reason, Bastian Hauck has created the #dedoc° voices programme, which provided 20 patient advocates with the opportunity to attend, network and keep up to date with the latest innovations in diabetes technology at the congress in Madrid, including the conference sessions and technology fair.

The participants of #dedoc° voices presented their ambitious projects, e.g. Paul Louis talked about his engagement in Madagascar and Jazz Sethi about her educational work for the Indian population with diabetes.

OPEN project manager Hanne Ballhausen and project coordinator Shane O´Donnell used the opportunity at #docday° to give a short introduction to the previous work and future objectives of the OPEN consortium.

If you got intrigued from these first insights, you will find the complete #docday° on video: https://dedoc.org/docday 

2. JDRF Session

An Open-Protocol Automated Insulin Delivery Ecosystem Is Coming: What Does This Mean for People with Type-1-Diabetes?

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