OPEN at #FH19

Once again, Berlin has been the place where people come together to learn, get inspired and exchange:

Frontiers Health 2019 welcomed health innovators from around the globe in the “Axica Kongress- und Tagungszentrum” – just a few steps away from the Brandenburg Gate.

Frontiers Health gives a platform to a variety of conference activities – talks, panels, interactive sessions, workshops and more – about the newest healthcare trends and innovations. And here especially start-ups get the chance to present their ideas, and for all, new partnerships can be formatted. This year, news and trends in digital health were on the programme. 600+ people came to speak, listen and discuss: innovators, scientists, physicians, large companies’ executives, investors, leading CEOs of start-up companies – and OPEN.

Denise Silber, Doctors 2.0 & You, explored “Patient Centricity and Digital Innovation” in a session with different panelists. In her opinion, one can only improve patients´ lives when there is a deep understanding of the patients´ needs and experiences.

One of our OPEN team members, Saskia Wolf, explained to the audience what makes type-1-diabetes such a hard job, how patients manage/d to help themselves with DIYAPS and how the OPEN project is investigating various aspects of these DIY solutions.

Frontiers Health 2019

Saskias take-home messages were:

1. Put the patients in the centre where they belong.
2. Stop talking about the patient and start talking and working with the patient. They know what makes them feel better – proven by the open source community for diabetes.
3. OPEN as a patient-led, international and intersectoral research project shows how academia, industry and people with diabetes can learn from each other how to reduce the burden of diabetes.

Frontiers Health 2019

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