The OPEN project aims to establish the empirical evidence base for the clinical effectiveness and quality-of-life benefits of DIYAPS and identify the challenges and possible solutions to enable their wider diffusion.

The OPEN project consists of five work packages (WPs):

WP1 (Clinical Outcomes and Guidelines) and
WP2 (Patient-Reported Outcomes)
will analyse data to demonstrate what, if any, are the clinical, quality-of-life, and psychosocial benefits of DIYAPS. In order to do so, the community will be engaged in sharing glucose and insulin dosing data, as well as self-reporting on their experience of living with DIYAPS.

WP3 (Technical Development) is working on making data donation easier for the DIYAPS community and focusing on possible improvements of DIYAPS in order to reduce the technical barriers to DIYAPS.

This also feeds into the work of WP4 (Barriers to Scale-up), which is identifying the barriers to wider uptake of these user-led innovations and exploring ways to reduce them.

WP5 (Communication and Dissemination) works on raising public awareness of the project´s objectives and will disseminate the results to the research, health care and community of PwD.