Get to know us – Hanne Ballhausen

And here is the person who makes the OPEN team members do the right things in the right order and who is a help for any and all of us at any time.

Hi All,
My name is Hanne Ballhausen, a proud “Type F” and the Project Manager for OPEN.

Hailing from the Thuringian forests in the heart of Germany, I lived a few years abroad:
Studying in the UK was very exciting and I left the country 3 years later with a BSc in International Business and MSc in Management and Corporate Sustainability in hand. Afterwards I spent almost one year in Zimbabwe working as Project Lead at a local grass-root NGO called ORAP evaluating the education system.

When I came back to Germany, I worked as a Data Analyst and Project Manager for a Forbes 500 E-Commerce company until the day, my dear friend Katarina told me about OPEN and the need for a PM.

Through her personal experience, I have learnt a lot about Diabetes, its implications on a patient’s life and also DIY APS which I find absolutely amazing! I’m a very curious human being and health, tech and innovative disruptions have always sparked my interests. Now I’m very happy to be part of OPEN and cannot wait to learn even more!

Personally, I love staying active and learning about nutrition as cooking/baking is my favourite hobby. Hence, I’m currently planning to learn how to calculate carbohydrates, so when I bring yummy plant based cakes to the office I can provide the grams of carbs to my dear colleagues for better bolusing. 😉

Thank you, Hanne, for wonderful insights into your life!
Everyone on the OPEN team is very happy to have you with us – and not only because of the wonderful cakes you make!


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