Get to know us – Maria Marchante

Introduction of the OPEN team: This time Saskia interviewed our team member Maria Marchante.

Hello Maria, tell us a few things about yourself,
people are curious to see who is working with us!  

My name is Maria Marchante. I am from Spain, but I live in Germany (Berlin).  I am a Data Scientist with a scientific background in computational neuroscience and artificial intelligence.

And what are your special interests, Maria?
I am interested in data-driven research, especially in deep learning and predictive analytics.

How did you become a part of the OPEN team?
I met Katarina through Hacking Health (an NGO about digital health), who was looking for a Data Scientist to join the team.

And why are you committed to the OPEN project?
I personally believe in resilience when it comes to fighting for a good reason. No matter how small the contribution might be, I think the OPEN project is a powerful way to change mentalities and help a lot of people with diabetes T1 get a better life.

What is your role at OPEN?
My role at OPEN focuses on the improvement of the DIYAPS experience and the exploration of possible better outcomes regarding the management of T1D (included in the third work package of the project).

What do you like the most about being a part of the team?
I like the internationality of the team, that is great to build ideas from many perspectives, giving the project a broad functionality. I’m also very happy with the interdisciplinary expertise and flexible corporative structure that form this community.

Maria, what else would you like to tell people?
I would like to encourage PwD who don’t use pumps yet, especially the ones struggling with technology to try CGM therapy and “loop”!

Thank you for this interview, Maria, and your positive spirit, it is wonderful to have you in the team!

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