Get to know us – Tahar Kechadi

Today, meet our OPEN team member Tahar Kechadi :

Hello, I am M. Tahar Kechadi. I am a professor in School of Computer Science, University College Dublin (UCD), Ireland. I was awarded PhD and a Master´s degree in Computer Science from University of Lille 1, France.

Currently, I am Principal Investigator in the INSIGHT Centre for Data Analytics and CONSUS, one of the biggest projects in Precision Agriculture. My research interests span the areas of data mining, data analytics, and distributed data mining techniques and algorithms, Cloud/Grid computing, and forensic computing and cybercrime investigations.

I am in the editorial board of the Journal of Future Generation of Computer Systems and of IST Transactions of Applied Mathematics Modelling and Simulation. I am a member of the International Knowledge Cloud Consortium (IKCC) and a full member at CERN. I am a visiting professor at Fuzhou University, Fujian, China.

In my spare time I like to go running or hiking. I also like photography very much.

Shane was my post-doctoral fellow and told me about the OPEN project. I have been working on healthcare applications for the last 7 years. OPEN was another opportunity to develop data mining techniques to analyse the data and try to understand the behaviour of patients with diabetes, so I joined the team.

Thank you Tahar, for sharing parts of your life with us. We are very happy to have you with us!

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