Hacking Health #DIYAPS Meetup

Hacking Health Artificial Pancreas Meetup in Barcelona, 17.09.2019

You are a PWD or you care for a PWD? You are a doctor, healthcare professional, researcher, tech expert? You are someone with a curious mind? You want to learn about the “Artificial Pancreas” or “Closed Loop Insulin Delivery Systems”? Then come and join us for our second meetup with Hacking Health on #DIYAPS (Do-it-Yourself Artificial Pancreas Systems) taking place in Barcelona.

Our first  AP Meetups in Sabadell/Barcelona (Parc Tauli) and in Berlin (Hacking Health) last year had been fully booked, and many of you asked for more – so here we go! This event is co-organized by Hacking Health, Parc Tauli, The OPEN Project and the Nightscout Foundation.

Speakers from within the #WeAreNotWaiting movement, the team of The OPEN Project and many more will share their experiences with #DIYAPS from various perspectives, i.e. as patient innovators, people with diabetes, caregivers, researchers, and clinicians:

Dana Lewis, Founder of OpenAPS, USA – “The Why, How and What of DIYAPS”
Adrian Tappe, AndroidAPS developer, Austria: “How we developed DIYAPS on Android phones”
Ulrike Thurm, Certified Diabetes Educator, Germany: “Safe, not sorry: What PwD need to know”
Shane O’Donnell, Post-Doctoral Researcher and Sociologist, Ireland: “Introduction to the OPEN Project”
Katarina Braune, Medical Doctor and Researcher, Germany: “DIYAPS in clinic and research”
Roman Hovorka, Professor of Metabolic Technology, UK: “CamAPS FX – Distilling the Cambridge closed loop experience”
Klemens Raile, Head of the Department of Paediatric Endocrinology and Diabetes Charité University Medicine Berlin, Germany: “Do not harm: Medical Ethics – a case study of DIYAPS”
Linzi Knock (UK), Weston Nordgreen (USA), Susana Feans Ponte (Spain), Saskia Wolf (Germany): n=1 stories of DIYAPS users and caregivers from around the world

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