Open at “Designit Open Inspiration”

Designit had invited OPEN to its “Designit Open Inspiration” at Spielfeld Digital Hub, an evening about real innovation in the health sector with the topic “What are the keys to Enhancing Humanity?”
The audience was interested in design, healthcare or both, and the talks were correspondingly mixed. One member of the OPEN team, Saskia Wolf, stepped in for the planned talk and informed the curious audience about DIYAPS and the OPEN project.

After the other talks about amazing and inspiring ideas and innovations, all the OPEN team members currently being on secondment in Berlin had the chance to present OPEN with a poster and immediately they were surrounded and had wonderful talks with many interesting and interested people. The evening has broadened the horizon of all guests and they went home with a smile of satisfaction.

Thank you for a wonderful time, Designit Berlin!

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