Motivations, Barriers and Retention Factors of DIY Artificial Pancreas Users in Real-World-Use (DIWHY)

Did you ever wonder, why people with diabetes decide to build their own artificial pancreas?

We know very little about why people with diabetes leave traditional pathways and turn to Do-it-Yourself technology. Is it to achieve better overall glucose levels? More time in range? To put diabetes on autopilot? Or technical interest and curiosity? This study aims to examine the motivations of current DIY Artificial Pancreas users and to explore the barriers to, and facilitators of, building and maintaining such systems and how they might differ by their characteristics, such as socioeconomic status, ethnicity, gender and age.

As part of the OPEN-project, the DIWHY survey (pun intended!) will provide a better understanding of the unmet needs of people with diabetes and current challenges to uptake, which will, in turn, facilitate dialogue and collaboration to strengthen the involvement of open source approaches in healthcare.

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To take the survey, please choose a language option that applies to you. You can either answer the questionnaire in the role of a caregiver of a child with diabetes, or for yourself, if you are an adult. The questionnaire is available in English and German.

 English, for adult people with diabetes
English, for parents or
caregivers of children with diabetes
Deutschsprachig, für Erwachsene
Deutschsprachig, für Eltern und
Betreuungspersonen von Kindern mit Diabetes

Thank you very much for being a part of OPEN and taking the DIWHY survey!