UCD Symposium 2019

OPEN hosted its first public outreach event in front of a large audience at University College Dublin, Ireland (DIY Diabetes Technology Day).  The event was organised in association with Thriveabetes and was funded by the European Commission and Science Foundation Ireland.

The OPEN team discussed DIY solutions for diabetes management such as Nightscout, xDrip, OpenAPS, AndroidAPS and Loop (foriOS) etc.


If you want to see some of the presentations, follow these links:
Dana Lewis – The Why, How and What of DIYPS
Adrian Tappe – DIY APS on Android Phones
Shane O’Donnell – The OPEN Diabetes Project
Katarina Braune – DIYAPS in the Clinic and Research
all four – Questions and Answers

The recording of the whole event can be found here.

Special thanks to Keith Garland for putting together the videos.

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